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Becoming a Better Listener

The image of high-strung salespeople talking a mile a minute is a misnomer. Of course they exist, but they’re rarely among the top producers. The truth is the power of sales relies on being able to uncover a need. Doing so successfully entails listening to prospects much more so than talking to them about your products. So how can you [...]

Motivational Monday – May 22, 2017

Monday isn’t a warm up—it’s the most crucial day of the week, setting the tone for what’s to come. So if you want to feel good on Friday, plant the seeds for success right now!

Eight Essential Lessons for Sales Newbies

Being new to sales can be a challenging experience. But once you realize it’s not about you—it’s about satisfying the needs of your prospects—you can move forward with confidence. Here are eight things to keep in mind to help you begin your sales career. Be a Sponge Your sales style will ultimately evolve from your personality and your experiences. Make [...]

Motivational Monday – May 15, 2017

You can think something through a million times and plan it for years, but in the end, success comes down to taking action. Boldly begin your journey, and the universe will align to help you.

The Fine Art of Following Up

Consider this: only 10 percent of salespeople contact a prospect five times or more and 80 percent of sales occur after the fifth call. Talk about the perils of not persisting! This powerful statistic makes a compelling case for examining how to effectively follow through on your leads. You worked hard to get them, so it’s in your best interest [...]

Motivational Monday – May 8, 2017

Success is not a chair lift ride straight to the top of the mountain. It’s a long climb with slips, falls, and unseen twists and turns. Draw motivation from the rewards that await you, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Time: Your Most Valuable Resource

If time is money, then optimizing it is an important skill in sales. This explains the countless number of books, seminars, planners, and apps that aim to help make better use of it. Google alone returns more than 90 million links when you type in time management. It’s too lofty a promise to say that this post will result in [...]

Motivational Monday – May 1, 2017

Think of something you intended to accomplish but never found the time to pursue. Now, imagine where that endeavor might have taken you, if only you had started it. The right time to start something is always RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared or unprepared, take the first step in the direction of your dreams.

Take the New Business Challenge

Spring is a season of renewal and new beginnings. People are in good spirits, happy to have the winter behind them and appreciative of the longer, warmer days. It makes it the perfect time to get out and bring in new business. So why not create a new business challenge for yourself to close and/or connect with 12 new merchants [...]

Motivational Monday – April 24, 2017

  The next chapter in your success story is waiting to be written. Outline it, plan it, and start making the narrative come true!

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