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Motivational Monday – January 8, 2017

Being successful doesn’t occur without having personal limitations or imperfections. It occurs in spite of them. We all have insecurities. Don’t let them stop you!

Gaining Testimonials that Resonate with Prospects

Social proof in the form of endorsements is a powerful way to show potential clients that other business owners believe in your product or service. While utilizing social proof is a common marketing practice by most businesses, much of it is not effective, being merely customary, predictable verbiage that gets passed over. Here are four ways to make testimonials from [...]

How to Pivot Positively from Rejection

Rejection is inseparable from the sales process. The optimal way to address a certainty in life, such as rejection, is to embrace it rather than fear it. Fearing something only gives it more weight and power, and subsequently more control over you. In order to be a top producer, you need to leave rejection behind and confidently move on to [...]

Motivational Monday – December 18, 2017

Legendary football coach Bill Walsh said, “Few things offer greater return on less investment than praise.” Do you have business associates whose talents have contributed to your success this year? Take the time to let them know. They’ll appreciate the kind words and will continue looking out for you.

Successful Sales Practices During the Holiday Season

Holiday shopping, Christmas music, football, family gatherings, and lots of food. The season is upon us. Time to reflect, rejoice, and be grateful for all we have. Not much is going on so it’s okay to coast, right? Not quite. True, it can be harder to get in touch with business owners, but there are still opportunities to be had. [...]

Motivational Monday – December 11, 2017

Mistakes and failures are nothing more than opportunities to learn, so you can start again being wiser and more motivated than before. Don’t sit on the sidelines—get back in the game and take another shot!

Seven Reasons You May Not Close A Deal

You’ve put your best foot forward and feel confident you’re about to acquire new business. But somehow you fall short. Circumstances are not always in your control, but sometimes your sales tactics and performance may hinder your ability to close a sale. Too Heavy-Handed If you come off as merely trying to serve your own interests to make a sale, [...]

Motivational Monday – December 4, 2017

Often, we construct our own cages and build our own roadblocks. Fortunately, that means we also have the power to unlock and dismantle the things that hinder our success. Make this your week to work without constraints!

Habits That Hinder Productivity

Habits develop without our consent. Over time, we settle into routines and tendencies that stick. Some are good, and unfortunately others are bad. Although it’s often said that bad habits are hard to break, it absolutely can be done. Awareness is the first step to snuffing out a habit that’s harmful. Next, you need to set out to change it. [...]

Motivational Monday – November 27, 2017

Inevitably, there will be slow periods for sales. However, top producers recognize that great opportunities are always available – they just need to be found. Keep searching, be confident, and you’ll find those opportunities.

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